Special Delivery of Rocking Chairs to Special Care Nursery at FSLH

Media Contact: 
Caitlin McCann
Communications Specialist
(315) 624-5433
Release Date: 
Nov 22, 2013

In October 2013, Kyle and Brenda Merena donated two rocking chairs to the Level II Special Care Nursery in The Birthplace at Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare (FSLH). The chairs were donated in honor of their new daughter, Elise, who spent time in the Special Care Nursery after her premature birth.

Kyle and Brenda welcomed their daughter into the world at just 3 pounds 9 ounces. Being so small, Elise had to spend several weeks in the Special Care Nursery before she could go home. Brenda was eager to hold her new daughter to rock and comfort her, and realized that there was only one rocking chair available in the Special Care Nursery. She saw the need to provide more chairs for other mothers in similar situations.

“When your baby is born, all you want is to be able to take them home and care for them,” said Brenda. “When we couldn’t take Elise home, the rocking chair in the Nursery provided a way for me to comfort and care for her. It was such an asset to me during the trying time Elise was in special care that I wanted to ensure other mothers would be able to have the same experience. My husband and I decided to donate two more chairs so that there were enough for any mother going through a situation similar to ours.”

“When a patient has such an excellent experience with us that they feel compelled to make a donation, it is truly humbling,” said Lesa M. Steele, RN, assistant nurse manager for Maternal Child Services at FSLH. “We very much appreciate the contribution made by the Merena family and would like to thank them for their generosity that will bring comfort to many families in the future.”

The Level II Special Care Nursery in The Birthplace at FSLH is the only Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the Mohawk Valley. For more information about the Special Care Nursery and the services it provides the community, visit www.faxtonstlukes.com.