Local Society Donates $12,000 to Regional Dialysis Center at FSLH

Media Contact: 
Lindsay Mogle
Communications Specialist
(315) 624-5602
Release Date: 
May 31, 2012

For patients receiving dialysis treatment at the Regional Dialysis Center at Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare (FSLH), comfort is a prime concern. The average patient receives three treatments per week that last approximately four hours each. Providing patients a comfortable place to sit while receiving treatment helps the hours pass more quickly.

June Moylan, president of the Kidney Society of Mohawk Valley (KSMV), wanted to do something for the dialysis patients at the Regional Dialysis Center at FSLH. Since 2011, Moylan, on behalf of the KSMV, has donated $12,000 to FSLH to purchase six motorized treatment chairs for the Regional Dialysis Center.

For Moylan, helping dialysis patients is important because she knows firsthand the difference it can make. Her husband received dialysis treatment at the Faxton Campus and their involvement with the KSMV allowed them to share their experience with others in the same situation.

The KSMV is now inactive, but their mission lives on through Moylan and her dedication to helping patients through donations.